Establishment of Okhta Group

Okhta Group was established in 2001. Main goal of Okhta Group is effective and efficient work in the property market in full accordance with the conventional worldwide business practices in investment. The company is made up of the units that form the field of business interests of Vladimir Svinin, one of the pioneers of the Russian investment market.


The Svinin and Partners Management Company Establishment

In 2003 shareholders of Okhta Group set up Svinin and Partners, the asset management company (perpetual operating license for managing value funds, mutual funds and non-state pension funds №21-000-1-00588). Today, the company manages fourteen closed-end mutual funds.


Western Investors

In 2008 Russia Development Fund, the private equity fund managed by the Investment Management Group (IMG) became the first international institutionalized investor among Okhta Group stakeholders. Subsequently, Okhta Group owners bought out the share of the Fund.


Residential Property

n 2009 Okhta Group made a decision to enter the residential property market. Having analyzed the experience of the major real estate developers in the North-West of Russia and invested in their projects, Okhta Group prepared its own “pilot” project later celebrated in the market – the residential house located at 27, Marshala Tukhachevskogo ul. After getting the building permission the project was sold to another big real estate developer and further implemented in accordance with the project designed by Okhta Group.


Development of Karelia

In 2010 Okhta Group considerably expanded geography of operations: the company launched a large-scale development project in Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia.


First European Hotel

In 2014 the geography of operations by “Okhta Group” moved beyond the Russian Federation: Ambassador hotel was acquired in Pesaro (Italy).



As of today, 25 development projects have been implemented with the involvement of Okhta Group either with the use of the company’s own funds or in the interests of the third-party investors.
Starting from the very first years of work integrated development has become a priority for Okhta Group. The company acted as a fee developer in Nevskaya Ratusha, the project of the administrative and business district in the historical center in Saint-Petersburg. Also the company’s assets are Obvodnyi Dvor (Saint-Petersburg), the multi-purpose cultural and business complex, and Petrovskaya Sloboda (Petrozavodsk), the brand new district.
Today, the portfolio of the own projects in residential development includes houses and residential compounds of various sorts in Saint-Petersburg and other cities in the North-West of Russia.