Mission and Strategy


A qualitative transformation in the city environment through the implementation of development projects and the provision to direct and portfolio investors of a wide range of investment opportunities on the real estate market in an effective and attractive manner.

Strategic Aim of the Company

Okhta Group has as its goal the capturing of a leading position among companies implementing investment projects in the real estate sphere in North-West Russia.

Rather than striving to become the largest developer in the region, we are focusing on raising the qualitative levels of our projects and services, widening the circle of our permanent partners and expanding our reputation capital. It is this continual raising of the competitiveness of the company that is a priority sphere in Okhta Group’s strategic development.

Every day we strive to perfect our work and we are convinced that it is our timely fulfillment of all obligations that we take on and the high levels of effectiveness of the projects that we implement that will allow us to become a leader in the sector and attract new clients.